PocketGuru Set 2.0 - 108 Scrub Pocket Sized Cheat Sheets

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    • WHAT’S NEW FOR 2.0? Completely rebuilt with 108 comprehensive cards, our PocketGuru set is better than ever! All the information has been updated, elaborated upon, and expanded to provide the most up to date and thorough resource on the market.

      Is our PocketGuru set perfect for nursing students to use while studying and during clinical rotations? YEP!

      Is the PocketGuru set just for students? No way! We created this set with experienced nurses in mind also. Whether you are precepting a new nurse, or just need a quick reminder, these resources are advanced enough to do the job.

      PocketGuru Set (Now 108 Cards)
      Cardiology (22 Cards)
      Endocrine (4 Cards)
      General Med (12 Cards)
      Labs (12 Cards)
      Medical Spanish (3 Cards)
      Neuro/Psych (13 Cards)
      OB/L&D (9 Cards)
      Pediatrics (11 Cards)
      Pharmacy (16 Cards)
      Respiratory (6 Cards)


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